On-site and In-Studio headshots

Whether you're aiming for a captivating social media presence or timeless portraits, I'm dedicated to ensuring your commercial headshots are captured seamlessly, with minimal disruptions. I only need a space measuring at least 6 feet wide by 10 feet long. Additionally, I provide the flexibility of choosing between landscape (wide) or portrait (tall) layouts, accommodating either modern or traditional preferences.

My commitment to client satisfaction shows in my real-time approval process. Each image is captured on a computer, not just the camera, allowing subjects to review images on an actual screen. We can adjust and capture more shots until we achieve a look that suits each person's taste.

My editing focuses on enhancing your natural appearance, prioritizing a seamless and professional finish. I believe in enhancement, not alteration. While I don't remove wrinkles and lines, I use lighting techniques to make them less prominent if that's a concern.

Going the extra mile, I edit out redness in the eyes and enhance your smile with teeth whitening. The final result is delivered in web and print-ready formats, ensuring you make a stunning impact across various platforms.

Elevate your image, stand out in the crowd, and showcase the best faces of your company with my meticulous and professional approach to commercial headshots.