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Environmental headshot

An environmental portrait considers the subject's surroundings. The goal is to create a sense of context and convey a particular mood or atmosphere. The location can be indoors or outdoors, and the subject as part of the environment in some way.

Starting at $250

Onsite Studio Headshots

An on-site studio-look headshot is typically taken in a controlled setting with a plain background and uses professional lighting equipment. The focus is on the subject's face, with little distraction from the location or surroundings.

Group pricing as low as $115 per

Travel & Tourism

Looking for a professional photographer that can capture the beauty of your travel destination? With experience in both commercial & tourism-focused photography, I can deliver stunning images that will showcase your destination to its best advantage.

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Chances are you recall an emotion or a story associated with the company or product. Putting your customer in the middle of an experience is the key to drawing them in and making that connection.

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Portrait Sessions

Environmental portraits provide professional quality with personal context wether you desire something unique or more traditional.

Starting at $300